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Nov. 12th, 2005 04:42 pm
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So, the class I've been complaining about to, oh, everyone, the dreaded 410, the somehow suddenly required one that hasn't been offered since I moved back here, is being offered next spring. And it conflicts with Uppity Medieval Women. Kiss my ass, English department.

There's just no way I could take English 410 with anything approaching a positive or optimistic attitude, which I would have to in order for the thing to be bearable. First, there's this "required" bullshit. And the fact that there are six other classes I need to take or really, really want to take. (Because: thesis, Latin 201, Scribendi, Sociology 101, and an as yet undetermined Honors class are classes I need in order to graduate in spring with all the attendant honors. Which leaves me with one other class, that, if it weren't for Uppity Medieval Women, I might prefer to not fill on account of thesis.) And reading the course descripton for 410 really didn't help. I do not want to read any more Plato or Aristotle, because I've had my fill of them for a while, as I'm not planning to specialize in Ancient Philosophy. Also, I've read more Nietzsche than probably anyone else in the class will have. And I've read Marx. In fact, I have two books of his collected works. As for Freud, I prefer to poke fun. (I have read Civilization and Its Discontents; I'm allowed.) All that (and more) is for the first half of the semester. The description for the second half contain phrases that strike dread into my heart: "variety of Marxisms," "the linguistic turn in psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality studies," ("linguistic turn" just never turns out to be as interesting as I might hope) "heady synthesis," and "informs postcolonial studies." Oh yes, and in the summary statement, there's "places into dialogue." And also appearing in the course description, the word "ongoing." I hate that word, even when used correctly. (Oh fuck, there's a noun form, "ongoingness.") But, the final straw, in the requirements section, describing some of the papers: "Three short... 'readings' papers, where you choose a single text for the semester and show how different theoretical positions lead to new readings of that text." That just smacks of the sort of artificiality that gives critical theory a bad name. Fucking spare me. Is this shit really going to be useful to me?


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