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Yep, I've graduated. List style update, because I'm not in the mood to organize things into paragraphs.

-The captioning on the giant screens kept rendering "graduate" as "garage wait."
-My cousin also graduated, and I ran into her before the ceremony, so we walked in and sat together. And we laughed at our assembled family waving like goofs.
-I sat almost directly in front of the podium.
-The governor gave the commencement speech.
-I almost lost my honor cords. I noticed they were gone when I got to the English department ceremony. But they were right where I thought they would be: on the floor by the table outside the Mercado.
-I missed the Philosophy department ceremony because the English department one went on for an hour and a half.
-I fell asleep in the middle of the English dept. ceremony.
-I won the Joseph B. Zavadil scholarship.
-We had a family dinner at Garduno's. I had a margarita.
-My cousin had her graduation party yesterday. I mixed myself a couple of cosmos.
-A mariachi band played the exit music.
-My left shoulder had a really nasty knot in it last night. Obviously, I had not imbibed as much as my sister and my cousin, because I definitely felt the pain.
-I really, really hate it when people come up behind me and grab my shoulders and hang on. Now I know what hawks' prey go through.
-When Jora left my graduation party, I told her to have a good trip back to California, but as soon as the word "trip" left my lips, my dad tripped on the stairs and dropped the grilling utensils he was carrying inside. And I'm sorry, but that was funny.

In other news, I'm watching Grey's Anatomy, and my only comment is, Shut up, Izzie!


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