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Five for the number of days left until Christmas.

1. Snow! And it didn't all melt by noon the next day. In fact, it was still snowing lightly for several hours today.
2. Much of partying Friday night.
3. Staying over at Mary's Sunday.
4. Long distance drinking together.
5. The stuff I ordered from Archie McPhee came on schedule, even with the storm, and in a box labeled "pickled sliced beets."
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Eight for the Eightfold Path.

1. Wireless internet! It is back!
2. Getting the semi-silent treatment from my dad.
3. Music swapping/CD burning party with [livejournal.com profile] hannah_phi and [livejournal.com profile] prittygirl.
4. Espresso liqueur is actually pretty tasty. And I'm not a coffee drinker.
5. Snow. A little bit.
6. The semester is almost over.
7. Entertaining Hobbit Society meeting, because Dan is fucking hilarious.
8. A certain annoying person who shall remain nameless in all public posts seems to be learning how to shut the hell up.
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Three for the Elven-kings under the sky.

1. Getting paid again.
2. Not going to Latin today completely without guilt - because it was cancelled.
3. It's been an interesting week.
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Because it would be a damn good thing for me to think more about things that are good in life than the things that are bad/dragging me down, I'll finally join the GSW bandwagon. Don't know how consistent I'll be about it, but a start is a start. So here goes.

1. Good post-Halloween party last Saturday.
2. Rumsfeld is gone.
3. Democratic control of the House and presumably the Senate as well.
4. South Dakotans sensibly voted down the abortion ban.
5. Actually being intellectually engaged for once this semester in Medieval Philosophy this morning.
6. Having awesome friends.
7. Only a month until the end of the semester; I can make it.

This week I'll stop with seven, the number of completion.


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