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The lecture series finished off nicely. The last lecturer was really interesting, even without visual aids, and perhaps most importantly, went over the time by maybe five minutes, which is negligible. The reception was fun and I washed and dried all of the dishes.

But for now I should probably glance over the thing I'm supposed to translate for Latin and go to sleep so that I can wake up and start panicking about thesis. Which is due next Thursday. And I have to do a 15-minute presentation on a completely unrelated topic the day before that. Yeah, I'm screwed.
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Well, bloody hell.

I managed to screw something up in setting the VCR timer, so I didn't record House. And apparently it was really good.

And in other sucky news, my food allergy of unknown source struck again today. (Airways stayed open; I'm okay.) So I'm never eating Brick Yard's pizza again.

So because I felt generally awful, I left the reception early. But, I did get to introduce myself to Michelle Brown and talk with her briefly. Her second question to me was whether I was a Ph.D. student.
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First day of lecture series went well. Michelle Brown's lecture was awesome and I'm very much looking forward to her other one tomorrow.

I got absolutely no work done today, but I did venture to the South Valley to go pick up t-shirts. And washed my car windows. But I really need to go so sleep now.


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