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I don't have Michael Drout's blog bookmarked in Firefox (which decided to have a toddler's meltdown and kept crashing today - what the hell, Firefox?), so I googled "wormtalk and slugspeak" to find it. Google asked "Did you mean 'wormtalk and slayspeak'?" Which is an interesting thing for it to ask, since such a search shows no results, not even with quotation marks removed. And "slayspeak"? Not a word.

Not that I should be doing anything other than thesis right now...
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Dictionary.com claims that "megalomania" is "Scientific Latin from the Greek elements megal-, great + mania, madness." That seems rather odd. If the word is from Greek elements, then it's not really very Latin, is it? Not that there aren't Greek words transcribed into Latin, but these don't seem to be of that class. Latin has its own words for "great" and "madness" and doesn't need to use the Greek ones.

And in other news, TomatoNation Spring Contest. Helping people = good, and Sars shaving her head = awesome. Plus, prizes.
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I've spent a ridiculously long time pondering the question of clinch vs. clench. It all started when I came across "clinched teeth" in a piece I'm copyediting. It's probably a typo, because e and i are easy letters to mix up while typing, being in mirroring positions on the keyboard. And it's a mix up that apparently a lot of people make, at least according to Google on the matter. LanguageLog doesn't seem to have anything on the question. So off to the OED online I go. It seems that "clinch" has many meanings, including "a limp, as by a man lame of one leg" and the corresponding verb form. Also, several of the word's definitions are obsolete, most notably "to close tightly." (There's also a word (now obsolete), "clinchpoop" - or "clenchpoop" - meaning "[a] term of contempt for one considered wanting in gentlemanly breeding."

Anyway, the verdict, after such meanderings, is that it is a typo. There will be no clinching of teeth on my watch.

And this is how I manage to squeeze a substantial portion of the ten hours of Scribendi work I'm supposed to be doing this week out of the four pieces that I have to edit.
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If you don't know what an eggcorn is, which I wouldn't be surprised at unless you're [livejournal.com profile] polyhymnia, you can find a definition here. Another one of those linguistic/usage quirks to go in the company of malapropisms, spoonerisms, puns, etc. (Well, in the way my brain categorizes things.) There are (lots) more articles about them here.

And because I'm obnoxious like that, I'll post some examples of them from time to time. Found one the other day, but I unfortunately can't remember where it was. But, today's comes from the House fora at TWoP, where one poster said: "They'd just assume let you miss it." Although, it doesn't exactly make sense. So maybe not an eggcorn but a simple error in translating from spoken to written word. But still, amusing.


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