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How cool is Eric Idle? He apparently wrote this after being fined by the FCC. (The song will start playing once the page is loaded.)

I have been so very unproductive for the past week or so. Not that I haven't accomplished anything at all, just not nearly as much as I should. Somehow, finding Hugh Laurie's narration of Great Expectations on iTunes seems so much more interesting than working on my mini-magazine for Scribendi. For more procrastination fun, finding the same thing on the horribly difficult-to-navigate audible.com in order to listen to a ten-minute sample instead of the paltry 1:30 iTunes sample. But things have not come to such a pass yet.

This weekend is the last one in the run of two different shows: The Greatest Story Ever Told and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). I'd thought about going to the former tomorrow evening, but I might actually give it a miss. It depends on how much thesis work I get done. And how much I do for Scribendi. (Speaking of, I'm supposedly meeting with committee people tomorrow. I've yet to hear a confirmation on this. We'd better; we have things to have finished by next Tuesday. And I wish we'd had more time for it, but that really belongs in my forthcoming Postcard from Scribendi Hell.) But, I definitely want to catch Complete Works.

Time for me to be off to sleep so that I can get up and do some actual work before class. I'll leave off with this rather unsurprising quiz result. )


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