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I've just submitted an abstract of my thesis to the same conference I presented a paper at last February. So if this one is accepted, I will 1. not have to frantically work to finish the paper the night before the presentation and then go and give the paper on two hours of sleep; 2. present my thesis as a project at some stage of completion instead of a work very much in progress and will thus not have to wing it.
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I have actual words on a page. Huzzah!
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Jesus fucking christ, I've been awake for 28 hours. Tried to take a nap earlier, but that just didn't work out.

It's been a crazy week. Could have been crazier, but I opted to not write the final Scribendi paper and thus just get credit for the class. That's all I need at this point. Also taking an incomplete for Dr. O's class.

But last night I was awake all night making my last-minute thesis revisions. Yay. But, thesis is done. And turned in. Once and for all.

Tomorrow will be hectic, what with the trying to be at two departmental commencement things at once. And the family dinner at Garduno's, and my cousin's graduation party. This is why I'm having my party on Sunday.

And that's that with that.

Oh, and this has been periodically bugging me since last Sunday: What is it with the love interest characters on shows I watch sharing names with my nephews? First it was Logan on Veronica Mars and now there's Finn on Grey's Anatomy.
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Page count is now down to 34. Yay for having accomplished something.

Still, it will be a very long night. And a long day. And... well, I'm going to be busy and not sleeping much until Friday morning, when I turn in the final draft of my thesis. And then I'm going to take a long nap. Then get up and wear my laurels. And then go drink before I graduate from the Honors program.

I will, however, still take a break on Thursday evening to go for a drink.

And fortunately, I have lots of wine and caffeine at my disposal.
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Thesis is finished and bound. In terms of pretty much everything else, I'm screwed. At least Latin is over and Sociology is not a big deal. The thought of taking an incomplete has occurred to me. But. Well, we'll see how the next 24 hours go.

Edit: And, as soon as I go bind a copy of my thesis, my advisor says, wait, you need to add to this. Fucking awesome.
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Because I really, really don't want to be working right now, I ran this Google search: "how I learned to stop worrying and * the bomb" -love

My favorite results:

Dr. StrangeSeuss, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Rhyme the Bomb
Mounting Lysistrata, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Protest the Bomb
Dr. Strange****, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and **** the Bomb (no, seriously, the asterisks are there)

In other news, the English department finally sent me a letter about the departmental graduation ceremony. Nearly a week after I had to RSVP for the Philosophy department's thing.

The Scribendi opening went well, although I had more fun playing Tri-Bond at Dr. O's afterward. I haven't been able to bring myself to actually read the thing yet, but then, I've read everything in it multiple times. Except for one story that I really, really dislike and avoided as much as possible throughout the editing and layout process. I still can't quite believe we published it. And the girl who wrote it can't even pronounce the title correctly.

I have so many things to write this week, and so little motivation to sit myself down and do it. So I think I will attempt a full night's sleep and be better in the morning.
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I have a presentation to do in Medieval Nostalgia tomorrow, and I just now picked a topic. I'm doing Marxism. This is a decision driven by the fact that it's on the topic list and I already know something about it, so I've already got a starting point, and has nothing to do with connecting it to Tennyson. Yay.

And I've moved back the due date for my thesis, because no way is it going to be finished by Thursday. No fucking way. Also on the thesis front: Iain has already found a second reader. I was rather pleasantly surprised to not have to do that legwork myself. Though I should go remind "Doctor Awkward" that I exist and took two of his classes. Also, I need to find some way to present the thesis, according to the Honors Program requirements. (Good thing I took a look at those!) I have no idea what the deal is with the UHP Thesis presentation day. All I know is that it's sometime this month.

Now to go summon the motivation from god knows where to do my damned work already.
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The lecture series finished off nicely. The last lecturer was really interesting, even without visual aids, and perhaps most importantly, went over the time by maybe five minutes, which is negligible. The reception was fun and I washed and dried all of the dishes.

But for now I should probably glance over the thing I'm supposed to translate for Latin and go to sleep so that I can wake up and start panicking about thesis. Which is due next Thursday. And I have to do a 15-minute presentation on a completely unrelated topic the day before that. Yeah, I'm screwed.
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I think the universe (or maybe that's 'universitas') loves irony as much as I do. Because given how much I would like to take a class on Medieval philosophy, and how much they haven't offered any such classes in the three years I've been here, I've often said to myself, "Watch them offer it the very semester after I graduate." And, lo and behold, they're offering Medieval European Philosophy next fall. Oy.

The temptation to enroll as a non-degree student next year is strong. I'd take that and Latin 303 (which I can't just sit in on) so as to keep my Latin in practice. Which would be six credit hours, so that's half-time enrollment, which still means loan deferment.
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First day of lecture series went well. Michelle Brown's lecture was awesome and I'm very much looking forward to her other one tomorrow.

I got absolutely no work done today, but I did venture to the South Valley to go pick up t-shirts. And washed my car windows. But I really need to go so sleep now.
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This article is my Sociology reading for Monday. My problem with it is not so much that it's defending Wal-Mart, but that it's written by a guy from the Ayn Rand Institute, which is enough in itself to trigger my skepticism. Rand is quite shitty as a philosopher, and I'm not inclined to think her followers are any better.

I quite enjoy the fact that there's a disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
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My Sociology textbook is pissing me off. First, there was the subtle mention of Milosevic "eventually" standing trial at The Hague. Wait a minute, I thought, wasn't that just going on? I know he just died, and I thought he'd kicked it in the middle of the trial? And his family was all upset about the trial killing him? (I guess this is what happens when you only glance over the headlines.)

But then, then! It's all, "The internet is wonderful and democratizing! Information can get to anyone, anywhere! Yay!" Uh, so what about the Chinese government controlling what its citizens can access on the internet? What about those Chinese bloggers whose blogs cannot be read inside the country? And that flap about Yahoo providing information to the Chinese government? And Google having a search engine specifically for China, which censors search results? (Although the regular, non-censoring Google can still be used in China. For now.) So, no, information cannot get to anyone, anywhere. A lot of people in a lot of places? Yes. But when you have a country as big as China censoring internet content, well, that's a huge restriction on the flow of information.

And if the overly rosy picture of the power of the internet weren't enough, the book then refers to the "2003 Iraq War" as if it were a thing of the past. Which... no. Just... no. It's not over, it wasn't over when the book was last updated (last year, I think), and it's not about to be over.

I just don't see the reason for referring to current events as if they are already past (the war and Milosevic). I mean, sure, it's a textbook, and likely to be used once the events are over. But surely it will go through another edition? You can update it to put that stuff in the past later.

But, I guess my tolerance for misinformation this week is pretty low. Yesterday I wrote to the KOAT news people and managed to restrain myself from ripping them a new one for confusing the abortion pill with emergency contraception. Instead, I was nice and polite and told them they need to be more vigilant about checking their facts. It was not a slip-up by the news anchor; the accompanying visuals clearly showed medicine bottles that said "RU-487" and "mifepristone." Which is not the Plan B emergency contraception they were reporting on. (Because Wal-Mart has to stock it, starting today. Ha, suck it, bitches!)

But, um, I think I should get off the soapbox now and get back to studying.
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I am now on spring break. Unfortunately, this really means is that my studying will not be interrupted by classes. But, I can also do social things between studying and... oh! nothing else.

In my Latin class, I win for gutter-mindedness. I got the sexual implications of Catullus' poem 13 before Brian explained it.

In other news, new Set record: 23 seconds.
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It's been a tiring but awesome week. Last Sunday I went to a reception at the Grahams', and Dr. Graham said I did really well on the quiz section of the paleography final. I picked up the final on Wednesday, and it turns out that my score on that section was... ninety-nine and a half. My transcriptions weren't that good but still good enough that I got an A overall. But unfortunately I took the class credit/no credit.

Got a couple of other tests back this week. On the Latin exam, I got a 99, thanks to extra credit, and a perfect score on the Sociology exam, even though I didn't bother to study. (Both were on the same day, studying for the Latin was rather more important and necessary.)

I did get all of my classwork done by the weekend. But I didn't have a whole lot of time to do thesis reading, because I spent twelve hours in the Scribendi office messing with various small details.
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Have you ever been writing along, and then suddenly stop and realize what just came off the pen (so to speak) and think to yourself "what have I just gotten myself into?"

I just had one of those moments.

It's going to be a long night.
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My inbox (and this goes for both of my e-mail addresses) is quite crowded. Full of things I haven't opened, and things I've left in so as not to forget. Except, that I look at the list of messages and don't want to actually deal with it, so there goes the reminder.

Of course, none of that helps me to remember things like taking writing implements with me when I go to class. I very nearly forgot those today. I carry around two pens and a pencil, and they were all three sitting on my desk when I was about to leave. Fortunately, they were also next to my watch, which I did notice was missing. So, my sociology TA didn't get a quiz written in blood today.

And speaking of soc., last week we had this written assignment, something about listing corporate logos on stuff sitting around and then writing a paragraph or so about a corporation with a positive effect and one with a negative effect. The TA read some in class the day we turned them in and then picked out some "good" ones to read in class today. Now, I wrote some stupid cop-out, I-don't-really-like-it-so-I'm-not-exactly-going-to-answer-the-question answer. And mine was one of the ones he picked for reading today. Yeah, this is going to be an easy class.
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I think Dan said it best when he described the paleography final as "born in hell and raised in Detroit." Because damn. A few hours at Martini Grille afterward was definitely called for, although the place was damn expensive and the service terrible.

But now, being appropriately pickled, I need to write my thesis prospectus. So, off to stay up as long as it takes to do that I go.
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Damn. New Set puzzle record: 27 seconds.

And yes, I am procrastinating. Because I don't want to do these damn peer evaluations. Also, lazy. Yeah, staying at home is really not conducive to working. Good thing I'm getting out of the house tomorrow.
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One class finished, five to go. The Troy class is over, and I've already got the grade for it: A. Not sure how I pulled that one off. The presentation was craptastic, but it's over. And I know that PowerPoint files open automatically in NeoOffice (unlike word documents, which I have to open from the program, otherwise it opens in TextEdit, grr), and that my computer does indeed connect to the projectors in the Honors building without any sort of fuss. Well, except for somehow disabling Expose, so flipping to the Dashboard doesn't happen now. Will have to restart.

I'll be a frickin' miracle if the Hobbit Society actually has calendars to sell tomorrow, with all the delays we've had. First, the PDF file had the pages as letter size instead of 11"x17". And then there was a layout issue that someone decided needed to be fixed, and I said, "If you want to fix it, go ahead, but I'm not bothering with it." And now the print shop wants to show us YET ANOTHER proof. This is the third one. So, someone is going to look at that tomorrow morning, and I hope they have some printed by 11:00.

So the calendar has not only added to my workload, but so has getting funding for the February conference. The application for funding from Career Services needs to be in a month before the thing, so before early January. Which means either submitting it by the end of the semester or making a trip down to campus over break. And they want a written proposal thing as part of the application. Yay.
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I did today's Set puzzle in 30 seconds flat. Go me.

The paper I wrote and turned in yesterday was craptastic. I think this will be the first Honors class I get simply credit for. If only we'd already done the group presentations, I wouldn't have to worry about the Troy class at all. Ah well. But, yesterday I also did some actual Latin translation for the first time in weeks. Next goal: actually studying for Friday's vocab quiz.

I e-mailed Carolyn Woodward yesterday about the English 410 question. Have not yet gotten a response. But rather than waiting for an answer before registering, I've gone ahead and not registered for that class and signed up for Uppity Medieval Women. If I lose my battle, I can change things later.

My mom stayed home today to bake biscochitos. I have no idea what that was about. I figured she'd take tomorrow off, but today was a surprise.

The Hobbit Society calendar is finished. And someone else gets to take it to get it printed. But I do need to arrange for a table in the SUB, which would be easier if I could remember what hours we decided on to sell the calendars. (They're pretty! And only $10!)

And so I have made it to December. And as the new month grows apace, I will have fewer things to worry about until I can concentrate on thesis prospectus and paleography final, both of which will be taken care of 15 days from now when I'm done. Or so I tell myself. I'll have things to do over break, but it's nice to pretend I get a little time off.


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