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So, for Scribendi, we're having a raffle to raise some money. The tickets are $2, and the big prize is a pair of tickets to the Bob Dylan concert on April 11. Any 'Burqueans want in? Let me know.

Also, this has absolutely no connection, but this is damn funny.
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I've spent a ridiculously long time pondering the question of clinch vs. clench. It all started when I came across "clinched teeth" in a piece I'm copyediting. It's probably a typo, because e and i are easy letters to mix up while typing, being in mirroring positions on the keyboard. And it's a mix up that apparently a lot of people make, at least according to Google on the matter. LanguageLog doesn't seem to have anything on the question. So off to the OED online I go. It seems that "clinch" has many meanings, including "a limp, as by a man lame of one leg" and the corresponding verb form. Also, several of the word's definitions are obsolete, most notably "to close tightly." (There's also a word (now obsolete), "clinchpoop" - or "clenchpoop" - meaning "[a] term of contempt for one considered wanting in gentlemanly breeding."

Anyway, the verdict, after such meanderings, is that it is a typo. There will be no clinching of teeth on my watch.

And this is how I manage to squeeze a substantial portion of the ten hours of Scribendi work I'm supposed to be doing this week out of the four pieces that I have to edit.
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I think it's a bad sign to wake up on Monday morning with the feeling of imminent explosion. Also bad: that explosion being touched off by the question, "spaghetti or rigatoni?" Of course, dad was being particularly annoying asking about dinner and I really didn't want either option.

Also, I didn't get to watch more than, oh, ten minutes of Veronica Mars because there wasn't enough time left on the tape. At least it's supposed to repeat on Sunday.

And, with the release of our shortlist, Scribendi continues to be frustrating. The presence of a few of the pieces prompt me to say, "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

But this week's House is awesome. Especially the parking lot scenes. That makes everything better.
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They say you learn something new every day. It sounds trite, but really, you do. For instance, I never knew that "barnbarding" was a word, or that one could be expedited from a country for selling drugs. But now, thanks to a couple of lovely essay writers who submitted to Scribendi, I know these things.

And in other news, last night I had a dream that I met Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, (possibly) other VM cast members, and Robert Sean Leonard. At the Frontier. Which had one room furnished like my high school dining hall. I... don't know.

But having dreams at all is a good sign, right?

Also, go, Trent Reznor?
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Thanks to the first comment here, I have a cunning plan... Or at least a new idea for a Wit seminar paper. Not sure I'll be able to pull it off, though. The idea is to write a completely bogus wikipedia article about an imaginary subject. Just to poke fun, or, poke...something at credulity. Now all I need is an imaginary subject. Or at least something totally obscure that few others would be knowledgeable about, so that I can bullshit at will.

I didn't do my reading for Troy today, but that's okay, because I have read the Oresteia before (albeit five years ago) and we didn't spend much time talking about it anyway. We spent much more class time talking about the paper we have due next week, basically doing the paper in class. Except for chasing down citations. Which is, I guess, a good thing, given that the paper topics are so damned vague to begin with, so now we know exactly what's expected for the paper. It also saves me some time, but... still not sure I like this notion. This week we finally got our papers back. Mine was indeed quite crap, but I still got 30 points out of a possible 33, just like the last paper. It's a somewhat strange class. It seems that the expectations for amount of work are quite high, but for actual achievement? Perhaps somewhat less than I would expect to find in an Honors class. But maybe my problem here is that I'm expecting too much from a 200-level class, and I'm more practiced at this school thing (and thus in taking shortcuts...) than the rest of the people in the class, or most of them.

The 200-level Honors class I had last semester was the one I had mismatched expectatons for too. So I guess the lesson here is that I shouldn't take another 200-level class ever.

Today in Scribendi we took a field trip to the printer and saw a four-color printing machine in action.

Tomorrow I will be getting back my Latin exam taken last Friday. I dread this.

But otherwise, I am exhausted after another day of spinning my wheels.

Fake Bios!

Oct. 31st, 2005 09:57 pm
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I made up fake contributor bios (because the contributors were made up too) for the mini-magazine project-y thing. And because I had so much fun writing them, I'm posting them. )
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Today brought the last hour of reading the short fiction submissions for Scribendi, the last five stories. It began inauspiciously, with a couple of obvious class projects that weren't all that good. (Especially the one that read like a research paper.) But then I was rewarded for making it to the end with three really, really good stories, apparently all by the same still-anonymous author. I'll probably pick just one of those three for my "top ten" list, because there should be enough other pieces to fill out the list.

Ah, crap. I just realized I'm not acutally finished, because there's one story I skipped before because the first page was missing, and now I have a copy that has all pages intact, so no excuses. Somehow I doubt it will top those last three, though.
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How cool is Eric Idle? He apparently wrote this after being fined by the FCC. (The song will start playing once the page is loaded.)

I have been so very unproductive for the past week or so. Not that I haven't accomplished anything at all, just not nearly as much as I should. Somehow, finding Hugh Laurie's narration of Great Expectations on iTunes seems so much more interesting than working on my mini-magazine for Scribendi. For more procrastination fun, finding the same thing on the horribly difficult-to-navigate audible.com in order to listen to a ten-minute sample instead of the paltry 1:30 iTunes sample. But things have not come to such a pass yet.

This weekend is the last one in the run of two different shows: The Greatest Story Ever Told and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). I'd thought about going to the former tomorrow evening, but I might actually give it a miss. It depends on how much thesis work I get done. And how much I do for Scribendi. (Speaking of, I'm supposedly meeting with committee people tomorrow. I've yet to hear a confirmation on this. We'd better; we have things to have finished by next Tuesday. And I wish we'd had more time for it, but that really belongs in my forthcoming Postcard from Scribendi Hell.) But, I definitely want to catch Complete Works.

Time for me to be off to sleep so that I can get up and do some actual work before class. I'll leave off with this rather unsurprising quiz result. )


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