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I am now on spring break. Unfortunately, this really means is that my studying will not be interrupted by classes. But, I can also do social things between studying and... oh! nothing else.

In my Latin class, I win for gutter-mindedness. I got the sexual implications of Catullus' poem 13 before Brian explained it.

In other news, new Set record: 23 seconds.
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Damn. New Set puzzle record: 27 seconds.

And yes, I am procrastinating. Because I don't want to do these damn peer evaluations. Also, lazy. Yeah, staying at home is really not conducive to working. Good thing I'm getting out of the house tomorrow.
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I did today's Set puzzle in 30 seconds flat. Go me.

The paper I wrote and turned in yesterday was craptastic. I think this will be the first Honors class I get simply credit for. If only we'd already done the group presentations, I wouldn't have to worry about the Troy class at all. Ah well. But, yesterday I also did some actual Latin translation for the first time in weeks. Next goal: actually studying for Friday's vocab quiz.

I e-mailed Carolyn Woodward yesterday about the English 410 question. Have not yet gotten a response. But rather than waiting for an answer before registering, I've gone ahead and not registered for that class and signed up for Uppity Medieval Women. If I lose my battle, I can change things later.

My mom stayed home today to bake biscochitos. I have no idea what that was about. I figured she'd take tomorrow off, but today was a surprise.

The Hobbit Society calendar is finished. And someone else gets to take it to get it printed. But I do need to arrange for a table in the SUB, which would be easier if I could remember what hours we decided on to sell the calendars. (They're pretty! And only $10!)

And so I have made it to December. And as the new month grows apace, I will have fewer things to worry about until I can concentrate on thesis prospectus and paleography final, both of which will be taken care of 15 days from now when I'm done. Or so I tell myself. I'll have things to do over break, but it's nice to pretend I get a little time off.


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