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I have a printer! It also scans and copies! I can print things at home! I'm probably too excited about this. But it's been a pretty awesome week or so.

Last weekend Lex was here, and we watched House, becaus she'd missed a few episodes.

Wednesday I went to see Brick which was really good, had crack tea at dinner, and then went to the Bauhaus/Nine Inch Nails concert, which was awesome. Bauhaus' instruments are all silver and shiny, and Peter Murphy is... well, Peter Murphy. He ended their set by holding out his trench coat in bat pose. And NIN was awesome. The visuals were pretty cool, and they had screens on both sides of the stage on which they projected stuff from the stage, which was nice for those of us on the lawn and thus far away from the stage. At one point they got a shot of the moon (a nice crescent moon) and then superimposed on that Trent at the keyboard. Trent Reznor looks disturbingly jock-like with a shaved head. They ended with "The Hand That Feeds" followed by "Head Like A Hole." The mosh pit strangely didn't form in the actual pit, but up on the lawn; the edge of it was, like five feet away from us.

For the past couple of weeks I've been going to a tarot class on Saturdays. It's interesting. And apparently I'm going to have an excellent summer. This past Saturday after class I spent a few hours browsing decks online, looking for an illuminated manuscript style one. (Yeah, I'm a nerd.) Found some that come close, like this one, though that's more art than books. There's also this one, which is closer, but not quite it. Though it also comes in a minature version, which could be useful for those days in the tarot class when we're packed in like sardines. (I also, in the course of browsing, found a stained glass deck and a gothic deck.) So I think I'll make my own, which should be fun.


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